WHAT WE DO - custom projects

a personal touch

Encapsulating your most cherished memories by preserving a special bouquet -- whether it be from a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or the loss of a loved one -- we can offer a beautiful emblem in form of different sized pieces including ornamental blocks, wall decorations, side-tables, and more.

  • Every piece starts with your valued bouquet. After that special occasion, the bouquet is sent to the studio in Montreal to begin its preservation journey (don't worry, we provide you with all of the details, and even a shipping label, to make sure your flowers get here safely).

  • Next begins the deconstruction and immersion of the bouquet, wherein we bury the florals in a natural dehumidifying agent. This process takes approximately 1-3 weeks.

    The beauty of this process is that the flowers do not wither like they would in our natural environment. This means that the original color as well as the shape are preserved to mimic the live bouquet.

  • Once dry, we're able to start reconstructing the bouquet to fit your exact needs and desires. Different options include the shape of your floral block, including hexagons, circles, pyramids and ring holders. Further, one can choose a black, white or clear backdrop option.

    If there is a particular feel the client is looking for, we are always open to discussing visions and ideas. Further, it is possible to create a hanging ornament out of the special flowers instead of a big block. Message for more information.

  • Next, we preserve in layers of resin to seal the magic! The resin used is of high and durable grade, which means your bouquet will survive much longer than it ever would have left out.

immortalizing the ephemeral: how does it work?


6" hexagon: 300$

8" circle: 425$

8" square: 425$

8"x14": 575$

coasters with custom initials monogram:

4/6/8: 140$ / 190$ / 220$

jewelry tray with custom initials monogram: 95$

Steps - how to book your bouquet

  • Reserve your bouquet.

    Get in touch with us via the online contact form to book your bouquet in our calendar. The sooner the better, as the wedding season can get booked up. There is a 25% deposit required at booking.

  • Shipping

    Once the reservation is complete, we will then provide you with the information on how to ship your bouquet safely. If you're in Montreal, the bouquet can be dropped off.

  • Drying + Preserving

    Please allow 8-12 weeks to complete the piece, as there are many steps involved including deconstructing the bouquet, immersing it for 1-3 weeks in a drying agent, and then the immersion of flowers into a personalized block.


  • How far in advance should I book my bouquet?

    Generally it is advised that you book your reservation as soon as you have a wedding date. Sometimes it is possible to accommodate last minute bookings, but unfortunately that cannot be guaranteed.

  • How long does it take to complete from the date that I shipped my bouquet?

    The shipping is no longer than 2 days, because we need the flowers to remain as fresh as possible. Once received, the process of drying, preserving and refining takes 4-6 weeks.

  • How long after the wedding do I have to ship my bouquet?

    It is recommended that you send the bouquet as soon as possible, no longer than 3 days post wedding. The flowers must remain in water until time of shipment. The reason for this is, the fresher the flowers are when they are immersed for drying, the better they will look when they come out.

  • Do the colors of the flowers fade?

    In my experience, different pigments and flowers react differently. In general, the color retention is quite good, especially with reds, whites, blues, purples, pinks. A pigment that generally fades a little bit is green and yellow.

  • Does the resin turn yellow?

    The resin used in the studio has a very high UV rating -- meaning that it has a high tolerance for light. However, no matter the resin used, one should expect a little bit of discoloration over a long period of time. The piece can tolerate light, though it is generally suggested not to place the resin piece in direct sunlight for longer periods of time. Treat it something like part-sun/part-shade plant.

  • What if I'm not sure which option to choose for my bouquet?

    I'm always happy to make recommendations according to the bouquet in question, don't hesitate to reach out.

  • Can you create a hanging ornament instead of a block?

    Yes! (Almost) anything is possible. I'm always open to chatting about ideas and possibilities to create something that will highlight the florals to the best of my ability.